Peregian Creek Weeding

Lets head back down to BA49 again this Saturday, the 19th instant. There we shall once again attack the emerging Asparagus Fern to the south of the boardwalk that has dared to regenerate after two attempts at ridding the pest. In addition, we shall deal more of a blow to the Singapore Daisy, which has decided to sneak back in from the creek near its mouth.

I discussed the fate of the Singapore Daisy in the creek that has been covered by black plastic for ten months now with Ryan and Renata from Council last week when we did a species count between BA48 and BA49. They plan to remove the black plastic which has done something of a job in killing of the SD and then with the aid of contractors lay down hessian matting in the creek to kill off the remainder.

As the weather is warming and the work on the SD is in the open a 7:30am start was suggested and agreed to. So, hope to see a few of you there this Saturday, bright and early and eager.


About Paul

Paul has worked as a forester since graduating from ANU in 1967 in many countries for the private sector, The World Bank and international aid agencies, starting with the Papua New Guinea Forestry Dept. A volunteer with Noosa and District Landcare since 2000 working on farm forestry, bushcare and waterways monitoring.

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