Local plants

One of the positive aspects of the original land development in the Marcus Beach area was that the developers didn’t clear the native vegetation from the allotments. If you climbed up to the T M Burke caravan that sat on the hillock at the southern entrance of Mahogany Drive and signed up for a block, it was likely to be covered in Wallum Banksia, Wedding Bush, Grasstrees, Midyim, Shepherd’s Crook Orchid and more. But because these were not acknowledged as garden plants in those days, many of the new owners, unaware of their unique beauty, removed them and replaced them with exotics or non-local natives. Fortunately, there are still examples of most of them in a number of backyards, in our reserves and on roadsides. And now that they are more recognised, many are available from nurseries, giving us the opportunity to re-introduce them to our gardens.

On this website, local plants will eventually be listed under five vegetation zones. At present, only one of these zones is active. Click on the link for information about some the plants found in that zone.

 Frontal duneForedunes
 Sheltered hind dunesSheltered hind-dunes and swales
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWallum woodland and dry heath
 Swampy heathSwampy heath
 Creek edges