Creek Care at Marcus Creek this Saturday at 8.00am

The Landcare team start work at Marcus Creek September 7, 2020

Hi all,

Thanks to our successful Council grant application, we can now do some much needed work at Beach Access 45.There’s a big pink weed bag full of Singapore Daisy at Marcus Creek after the first visit from the Landcare crew on Monday.

A concentrated blitz that combines paid contractors and Bushcarers really achieves the best results. Bushcarers are worth their weight in gold when it comes to the more labour intensive work of weeding areas that have a mixture of good native growth and weeds. It’s slower work, and therefore more costly in terms of contract dollars.

We want the grant money to stretch as far as possible so I’m calling all volunteers to join us next Saturday at 8.00am at the Marcus Creek site. The Covid Guidelines set out by Council for Bushcare Groups will be in place.

Hope to see you there,


Cutting a ‘path’ through the Singapore Daisy
The first pile of Singapore Daisy goes into the weed bag

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