Plant of the Month – Macaranga tanarius

Macaranga (Macaranga tanarius) also known as Bullock’s Heart because of its has large heart shaped leaves to 25cm. 

This common, very fast-growing small tree can grow to 6m and approx. 4m wide. A flush of creamish-yellow flowers from spring to summer followed by green fruit capsules with black fruit attract birds such as Silvereyes and Rosellas. Macaranga is also the host plant for the Blue Triangle Butterfly and is known to shelter Graceful Tree Frogs under the glorious leaf canopy. The local indigenous people of this area used Macaranga trunks to make fishing spears while the fibre was used for twine.

Macaranga tanarius is excellent for revegetation, screening and filling bare areas to provide cover for other plants. It prefers full or filtered sun and well-drained soil for best growth results. 

Information supplied by Coolum Native Nursery

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