Weeding this Thursday

Hi All,

Weeding down at the Park on the first day of winter. We will continue along the southern strip of the Park in Mahogany Drive. If the weather is OK we might do a sweep deeper into the Park starting on the southern on to weed out any emerging ardisia, pepper and umbrella sapplings.

Remember our weeding group started with Mark’s determination to rid the southern side of emerging umbrellas? Imagine how big they would be now, and how few of the natives  would have raised their heads above the asparagus fern if we had done nothing?

Hope to see you there.


Last Month’s Achievements

Col weeded asparagus and released some native saplings from the strangling corky passion vine.





Graham and Col cut and swabbed Ardisia and Umbrella trees in the drainage line next to Nat’s place.



Nat and Jude weeded around the edge of the drainage line, cutting fruiting asparagus fern and assorted weeds that were trailing down into the lower area, threatening to spread.










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