Native Sasparilla (Hardenbergia violacea)

Hardenbergia IMG_6922

Native Sarsaparilla is a common prostate or twining vine much loved for its purple pea flowers that bloom in winter and spring. It is an ideal ground cover for a sunny area of about one to two metres per plant.

Alternatively use it as a climber on a vertical landscaping feature such as a wire trellis. Native Sarsparilla will climb on other bushes but being a weak climber it is unlikely to do any damage. Plant it next to a yellow wattle that flowers at the same time for a complimentary colour scheme.

A versatile, hardy plant, that grows fast in well-drained acidic soils, and is moderately drought tolerant. It attracts birds, the Common Grass-Blue Butterfly, and grows from cuttings from current season’s growth. Well worth finding a corner in your garden to plant this one.

Hardenbergia violacea IMG_6867Hardenbergia Violacea IMG_6922

The purple pea flower and long dark leaves of Native Sasparilla team well with clumps of Yellow Buttons (Chrysocephalum apiculatum) that have a blue grey small soft leaf.

Hardenbergia violacea IMG_6870

Hardenbergia violacea IMG_6938_2Hardenbergia violacea IMG_6941_2

False Sasparilla is a weak climber that will not damage this Acacia longissima which allows it to go vertical.

Hardenbergia violacea IMG_6871

Hardenbergia IMG_6049Did you know?   The leaves of the Native Sasparilla stand upright to reduce water evaporation on hot days.




This article is part of our Gardening with natives series.

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