Yellow Buttons (Chrysocephalum apiculatum)


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Yellow Buttons, a pretty non-invasive ground cover with golden yellow flowers throughout the year, grows to 40 cm in height. It can spread to form a clump, but tends to stay small, and is not strong enough to smother more vigorous weeds. Leaves and stems have white hairs which gives the foliage a silver grey appearance that can provide a good contrast in a garden planting.

Yellow buttons prefers full sun. It can be susceptible to caterpillars, which attack the flower buds, and to aphids on new shoots, and will die back in the dry season if not watered, only to reappear in the wet.

This plant has a wide distribution in Southern Australia and varies considerably in form. It has been successfully propagated commercially but the local form is available from Coolum Native Nursery. You can propagate Yellow Buttons from cuttings.


ChrysocephalumIMG_6879_2Chrysocephalum IMG_6878


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Yellow Buttons makes a pretty border plant


Or looks equally at home in a rockery

Yellow Buttons IMG_6657

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