Contract work at BA 47

Hi All,

A quick note to let you know that Council contractors worked adjacent to where we are working at Beach Access 47 this Saturday.

They worked primarily to the south of the track in from the carpark along the swale/ephemeral wetland. The long-term weeders will recall that we, in conjunction with contractors, cleared most of the ferns and asparagus, Lantana and other weeds there, then planted around the edge of the swale area where the drain is.

The contractors removed Asparagus Fern regrowth, a mature Ardisia and numerous Ardisia seedlings. The also found an isolated mother of millions plant and a single Madiera Vine as well as the usual suspects such as Corky Passion.

This maintenance work is so important; one Mother-of-Millions can soon become a patch when left undetected, and Madiera Vine is a particularly rampant smothering difficult-to-control weed once it gets going.

It’s a good example of how we can maximise the value of the work we and Council do. Although it sometimes feels like just a drop in the ocean, by focusing our efforts, we are making a significant contribution to the health of the dunes.

Hope to see you tomorrow.


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