A Christmas Final Weeding at BA47 at 7.00am

Hi All,
Since we missed one month this year we are having a final weeding at BA 47, starting at 7.00am to beat the heat. We will do a quick sweep through the swale from 47 to 46, looking for Ardisia seedlings and pulling up any vines as we go.

It’s an opportunity to see how beautiful this section looks as a result of your hard work and the work of contractors paid for by Council.

The MBBA is one of a number of Bushcare Groups writing a combined submission to Council for a $75,000 per year three year grant. If we are successful in our application, the dollar amount accruing to MBBA for additional contract labour although relatively small, especially when divided across three sites, will be targeted at high priority areas. We expect that 2020 will bring some exciting new developments, and the Committee will keep you posted.

The grant application closes on December 18 so it’s heads down completing our contribution to the larger submission.

On behalf of all the Committee, thank you all for your contribution in 2019, and if I don’t see you on Saturday, all the very best for Christmas and the summer break.

Best wishes,

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