Plant of the month – Aotus lanigera

Thanks to all the volunteers who have given up their time this year to help the MBBA. Wishing you all a wonderful weed-free Christmas. 2020 is shaping up to be a big, exciting year in the Bushcare world, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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Photo: Stephanie Haslem Noosa Native Plants

Aotus lanigera – Woolly Aotus
Derivation: Aotus, from the Greek, a – without and otus – ear (*brachteoles are lacking);lanigera, from the Latin, lana – wool and gerus – bearing (bearing wool).Pronounced – (Ay-OH-tus) (lan-IDGE-er-ah) 

Aotus lanigera is a small dense shrub excellent for gardens to about 1.5 m , densely branched close to the ground with stems covered in long, soft usually dark hairs. It grows in scrub or heath on sandy soils in the Wallum of south-east Qld and northern NSW. The roots have nitrogen fixing nodules like other legumes. First collected by Alan Cunningham from Maroochy in 1874.Leaves are small and narrow to 20 mm x 4 mm, dark green. Flowers from July to October are profuse and spectacular, good for bees, a typical pea-shape and bright yellow to 12 mm across. Red markings as in some of the other yellow pea flowers are rare. Fruits are pods up to 10 mm long and *villous, giving a woolly appearance.

Click here for plant details from Noosa Native Plants

Aspect: Full SunSoil/Conditions: AdaptableNatural Habitat: Wallum
Information and photo below: Coolum Native Nursery

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