Weeding on Thursday at 8.00

National Tree Day 2016 National Tree Day 2016

Jane and Graham with up-and-coming bushcarers Xavier and Ethan on National Tree Day last Sunday.

The National Park beckons. We will continue where we left off last month near the corner of Mahogany Drive and Redwood Avenue. Graham saw a Lantana in flower in Redwood so we might knock that off too.

You may have noticed that the large Umbrellas on the northern Redwood Avenue side of the Park dropping their leaves. The Park Rangers have frilled them. They also plan to have a go at the Ardisia sometime in the future but, right now controlled burns in other areas while the conditions are right, are their priority.

I have our August session earmarked for doing a walk through the Park to weed any small Ardisias that are growing out from the main “forest”. If the infestation is too big for us to tackle, we can at least we can help to contain it.

Thanks to the National Park weeders who came to Sunday’s National Tree Day Planting. What a great effort!


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