Peregian Creek Weeding

We will be meeting at 7 am (as agreed with those present at the last weeding) at Beach Access 49 and continue to work on the Basket Asparagus, both with hedge clippers and saws.

Judy and I spent the morning today with Kylie from Council and went over our plan for attacking the weeds along Peregian Creek for the year.  We agreed to concentrate on the Asparagus between the boardwalk and the creek, but also to tackle Singapore Daisy near the creek mouth and on the fore dunes.

We agreed a mixture of cutting off Asparagus fronds and bagging fruits combined with crowning was a good approach to both moving as fast as possible and cutting off the potential for further seeding as well as cleaning out the pesky weed.

Help will be coming from Council contractors and we will also have the Green Army spending a few days removing weeds in May.




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Paul has worked as a forester since graduating from ANU in 1967 in many countries for the private sector, The World Bank and international aid agencies, starting with the Papua New Guinea Forestry Dept. A volunteer with Noosa and District Landcare since 2000 working on farm forestry, bushcare and waterways monitoring.

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