Oxylobium robustum or Golden Shaggy Pea

(Ox-ee-LOBE-ee-um:  from the Greek word oxys meaning sharp lobos or pod – referring to the small point tip on the seed pods)

(ro-BUST-um:   Latin – robust, well-developed)

Golden Shaggy Pea is a hardy, fast growing bushy shrub 2-3m in height.  It is spectacular when in flower, usually from late winter to spring. Oxylobium robustum grows well in filtered or full sun and responds well to pruning. It occurs naturally in moist sandy soils but is adaptable if in well drained position. Golden Shaggy Pea is even reported to be frost tolerant and somewhat drought resistant once established. Oxylobium robustum occurs naturally on the Sunshine Coast in areas of Wet Eucalyptus forests and Coastal Heath.

For a splash of vibrant colour in your spring flowering garden add the stunning Golden Shaggy Pea.

Information and photo: Coolum Community Native Nursery

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