Bushland Care Workshop – Fauna Forensics

Hi bushland carers,

Just a friendly reminder that our Fauna Forensics workshop with Geckoes Wildlife is on next Thursday (13th) from 4-6pm at Noosa Leisure Centre Conference Room.

Please see the information below and contact me if you wish to attend.

Thank you,

Michael Lyons

Planning and Infrastructure

Technical Officer – Natural Areas | Noosa Council

Phone:                    0402 895 893

NB This workshop is free for all bushcarers in the Noosa region. If you wish to attend, let Michael know that you are a Marcus Beach Bushcarer.


A Wildlife Identification Workshop
Facilitated by Martin Fingland, Geckoes Wildlife P.L.

An increasing number of landholders, staff and volunteers are involved in environmental work requiring them to have a working knowledge of wildlife identification. While most of us can identify the more familiar SEQ species, finding evidence of wildlife (and not the animal itself) presents some bush detective work. There are general principles that if followed will lead you in the right direction and help you make a positive identification of the most likely species. As most animals leave traces of some sort this workshop will look at a wide range of materials that could be used in the ID process, such as skins, bones, scats, pellets, nests, tracks, sounds and even odours.

Aim of the Course

The general aims of the course are to provide participants with:

  •  Skills to evaluate wildlife evidence and start to categorise it using a variety of resources;
  •  Methods to familiarise themselves with the diverse range of difficult to identify local fauna groups;
  •  Confidence and skills in fauna ID through a number of practical, field based methods using the sight, sound, smell and touch; note: when conducting this type of evidence collecting, all native animals (dead or parts thereof) are protected by law.

Warning! Scats may carry parasites harmful to humans, so wear gloves or use tweezers, don’t touch with bare hands and practice good hygiene.

A number of of useful references will be used including identification guides and increasingly the use of a number of new smart phone apps. Course handout information can be provided and participants will have an opportunity to test their skills on a number of materials.

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