BA 47: Great start – planting along the steps, this Sat at 7.30 am

Hi All,

We haven’t been at BA 47 or planted for a while so what better way to start the Marcus Beach Year? Hope to see you next Saturday at 7.30 am

Cheers Jude

Crowsfoot Grass weeded to make way for some Allocasaurina Equisetifolia, a planting done by the Gardening Group from the Steps programme led by our intrepid Bushcarer Kevin.

The weed, which is in seed right now, is growing all the way along the edge of the track. I made a start on getting rid of it before it infiltrates even further.

Dianella will be a good replacement for the weeds while the native vegetation revegetates. Being a fast-growing clumping species, it will help stop erosion caused by the runoff during rain events like the ones we’ve just had.

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