A fun start to the New Bushcare Year

Welcome back to Bushcare in 2021. We’ve hit the year running or should I say planting with Sarah and Co planting a green dividing line of 165 lomandras between the mown grass and natural vegetation along the path at Castaways Creek.

At Marcus Craig cleared and replanted the small reserve called Cherrywood Reserve which has now become an official Marcus Beach Bushcare. I planted fifty dune plant tubes at Marcus Creek just before Christmas.

Chris is making headway on the dreaded Mother-in-laws Tongue and Gloriosa at Castaways. Why do these weeds have female connotations?

Col, Kevin and I are having a bit of fun on our (curb)side project on the David Low Way, planting, consolidating the slope with coir logs and experimenting with a low tech alternative to lugging buckets from the shower at BA45. Kevin’s Furphy (pictured) is a brilliant piece of low tech equipment made form a scrounged plastic container, a trolley and a bit of hose.

Paul’s been busy perfecting a new drilling technique for poisoning pepper trees at Peregian Creek and BA 52, and he and I have recommenced water quality monitoring at Peregian, Marcus and Castaways Creek.

Don’t forget Castaways’s working bee at BA 43 this Saturday, if you’re feeling like an extra bit of exercise and nature. Sometimes it’s good to go further afield and experience a different site.

It’s been an action packed start so I’m looking forward to another great year.


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