Welcome to 2024 Marcus Crew

Marcus Beach Bushcare this Saturday
Beach Access 46
7.00 am to 9.00 am

Hi All,
It’s time to get down to the Reserve again and give the weeds a bit of a bash.
This year we will concentrate on BA 46 & 47, areas that we have worked on over a long period but which need our input to maintain their excellent condition. These areas include a high-traffic area (BA 47) where our work enhances visual amenity for visitors. Both sites have small paperbark ephemeral wetlands of ecological value.

The natural recruitment of native species testifies that if we consistently keep the weeds at bay, the bush regains its vitality and has greater biodiversity. Nature looks after itself given half a chance.

Below is a rough mud map of our work area. The red sections are the two main areas while the blue connecting swale area is in good condition but will need a sweep-through for any emerging weedy seedlings.


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