Encroachment presentation Feb 23

Friday Environment Forum for February 23, 2024
Jude Tulloch, MBBA and Ben Derrick, Noosa Council 
Protecting our Nature Reserves from Encroachment.
The story so far.

Come along to Friday Environment Forum on February 23 to hear how guest speaker Jude Tulloch, past president of the Marcus Beach Bushcare Association (MBBA), led a push for the protection of nature reserves on the Eastern Beaches.  In response, Councillor Brian Stockwell pushed to have a zero-tolerance clause on encroachments written into Council planning

The story started in October 2022 when the Marcus Beach Bushcare Association presented a petition to the Noosa Council about the issue. Jude, a passionate advocate for the environment, will outline the progress to date and the complexities of dealing with encroachments which require a multi-targeted approach.   

She explains: “Residents who are lucky enough to live on the boundary of a nature reserve can consciously choose to become custodians of the adjacent reserve, or create serious damage that has a negative impact on the natural environment.” 

Ben Derrick, Environmental Services Manager will explain the prioritisation and programming that the council’s environmental services team will work through in dealing with encroachments throughout the shire.  Brian Stockwell will be present to answer any political questions. 

We hope you will join us at:
Noosa Parks Association Environment Centre,
5 Wallace Drive, Noosaville on 23 February 10:30 am
morning tea is available at 10-10.25 am.
Entry is $5 by tap & go at the door which includes morning tea/coffee.  

For more information: www.noosaparks.org.au

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