Peregian Creek and Thereabouts

It’s going to be a busy few days this week.

Coolum Coast Care is coming to work on removing Asparagus Fern and Fishbone Fern in our section of the bush on the path off Calitris Cres. to the Peregian Creek bridge on Thursday, the 4th from 07:30.

Then, on Friday, 5th November, the Roving Restorers will be down at BA48 to plant some 160 seedlings down on the foredune and remove some more Asparagus Fern. If anyone would like to join we shall be there from 08:30 to 11:00.

On Saturday, 6th November, our regular group meeting will take place south of the boardwalk, BA49 from 07:00. We will concentrate on removing baby Broad-Leaf Peppers from where we have earlier poisoned Peppers in the swale, plus we can continue to free the local natives from Asparagus Fern.

Hope to see you there.


About Paul

Paul has worked as a forester since graduating from ANU in 1967 in many countries for the private sector, The World Bank and international aid agencies, starting with the Papua New Guinea Forestry Dept. A volunteer with Noosa and District Landcare since 2000 working on farm forestry, bushcare and waterways monitoring.

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