What does Bushcare have in common with tourism?

Have Your Say on a Destination Management Plan for Noosa

Imagine a scenario where holidaymakers gave up an hour of their holiday in Noosa to come and help us maintain the Foreshore Reserves. Sounds far-fetched? A Regenerative Tourism model actively encourages these sorts of activities. Regenerative Tourism is defined in a recent Discussion piece by Barry Cotterell in The Noosa News as:

“A holistic way of looking at tourism which focuses on requiring visitors to act in a way which contributes to the place, its residents and to the environment.

If you’d like to see the Council adopt this model to completely re-think how Noosa manages the ever-increasing strain that tourism places on our beaches, traffic and amenity, I urge you to complete the short questionnaire in Your Say on the Noosa Council’s website.

Here’s the link:



When I thought about it, I’d already been doing regenerative tourism

While holidaying in New York, I registered online and spent a morning making sandwiches and packing lunch boxes at a church for distribution to school children who came to school hungry.

I was walking through a National Park area and came across a tree planting where the tree guards had been left on the seedlings and were now cutting into the trunks of small trees. After contacting the park ranger to borrow some cutting tools, I spent a morning releasing the trees.

There you have it. Some visitors do want to contribute as part of their holiday. I encourage you to steer the Council in the direction of a Regenerative Tourism model by participating in the community consultation process.


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  1. Well said, Judy. I have filled in the “large survey” and am now writing a more detailed submission.
    While staying at the lighthouse cottages at Boreen Point (run by NPA) part of the deal is that users of the cottages have to do a couple of hours of weeding or environment clean up. Marian even washed the windows of the cottage! (She does it at home too!)

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