Six outcomes the Coastal Management Plan needs to achieve

The Marcus Beach Bushcare Association is currently working on a detailed response to the Draft Eastern Beaches Foreshore Management Plan. Below is a summary of the outcomes that we consider essential. If you are short on time but want to participate in the consultation, please send an email to the Council saying you support the outcomes as outlined in the MBBA Statement of Outcomes below.

 Email Council at

You can give feedback and learn more by talking to Council staff at the beach “pop-up” information sessions at various Beach Access points along the coast from 7.00 am to 11.00 am. Closest to MBBA worksites are:
BA 40 Castaways Beach, David Low Way, Thursday, March 9
BA 50 Peregian Beach, The Esplanade, Wednesday, March 15
BA 47 Marcus Beach, Tristania Drive, Thursday, March 16

The full MBBA submission will be sent out and on the website before the end of next week at

Kind Regards,

Jude Tulloch

 Marcus Beach Bushcare Association
Statement of Outcomes for Eastern Beaches Coastal Management Plan.

The Marcus Beach Bushcare Association believes a management plan must provide a clear statement of specific, achievable and measurable outcomes. These outcomes drive planning and strategies, making it possible to set goals and actions and assess whether or not the measures are effective in working towards the outcomes. 

We would therefore suggest that the Plan contains a clearly articulated statement of Outcomes. The MBBA proposes the following:

  1. The western boundaries of the Coastal Reserves are clearly defined and maintained to ensure that there is no incursion into the Reserves, there are access points in case of emergency, and any damage to the Reserves is quickly rectified.

2.  The eastern (seaward) boundaries of the Coastal Reserves are maintained by undertaking measures that allow the dunes to regenerate naturally, and by active restoration when required.

3.  The ecological health of the Coastal Reserve is improved so that the biodiversity of native flora and fauna increases; the quality of coastal streams and their surrounding areas increases; erosion and other forms of degradation decrease.

4.  The Beach Access pathways and other Reserve infrastructure support the ecological health of the Foreshores Reserves and improve the visitor experience of the eastern beaches.

5.   An ongoing awareness and education campaign for Noosa residents and visitors increases the community’s understanding of the importance of protecting the dunes. Visitors appreciate the value of the Foreshore Reserves as a habitat, and as a place for people to enjoy without damaging the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

6. The managed response by Council to natural disasters, critical incidents, and adverse weather events minimises their impact on the Foreshore Reserves and wildlife, and minimises the risks to the public and the environment.

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