Peregian Creek Bush Restorers

Lets go back down to BA48 again this coming Saturday and continue the great work we were doing a couple of weeks ago – releasing Hibertia, Stepania and MIdyim from the clutches of the Asparagus Fern- as well as cutting off AF berries and opening up the foredune for some planting of tree species. We’ll start at 08:00, while the sun is still late coming up and it’s chilly.

I had a note from Ryan re the recent COVID outbreaks and, although, increased restrictions and guidelines are in place for Noosa and the Sunshine Coast, we can still carry on with bushcare, but ensure we aren’t unwell with COVID symptoms, socially distance at 1.5m, and sanitize, and wear masks if we can’t socially distance.

FYI, Erid and Matt from Noosa Landcare were down pulling out Singapore Daisy from Peregian Creek near the David Low Way culvert yesterday. There is much more to come out, but it is gum boot work, and hopefully more contract teams from Landcare can help out next FY, although, I shall see if we can do something more on the drier sections.



About Paul

Paul has worked as a forester since graduating from ANU in 1967 in many countries for the private sector, The World Bank and international aid agencies, starting with the Papua New Guinea Forestry Dept. A volunteer with Noosa and District Landcare since 2000 working on farm forestry, bushcare and waterways monitoring.

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