Native Plant of the Month – Eucalyptus bancroftii TUMBLEDOWN GUM

Eucalyptus (pronounced ewe-cah-LIPT-us) bancroftii (ban-CROFT-ee-eye)

Small tree that grows to 10m tall. The attractive crooked twisted trunk, and contorted branches have bark that peels away in bright orange patches gradually becoming grey/brown. Large white flowers in Spring & Summer attract birds and bees. The very large long leaves are aromatic when crushed.

Flowers are white to 15mm across from July to November, followed by a woody cup-shaped fruit. Flowers attract birds, bees and possums.

Naturally growing in the tough sandy rocky environment around the eastern and western sides of Mt Emu, they have a stunted growth habit with multiple trunks due to regular bushfires and predation of new growing tips from wallabies and possums. This can be replicated in your yard by removing vertical branch tips when young training and encouraging the remaining side branches to thicken up and not grow so tall.

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