Eastern Beaches Foreshore Reserves Management Plan passed by Council

The long awaited Eastern Beaches Foreshore Reserves Management Plan was passed unanimously at the Noosa Council Ordinary Meeting held on Thursday August 17. (Two councillors, Crs Lorentson and Finzel declared a conflict of interest and did not vote.)
You can view the final draft here:

The final Plan document has been significantly expanded and re-organised as you can see from the tracked changes here:

As you are aware there was an extensive public consultation which attracted much public engagement. See the analysis of public consults here:

The introduction to the plan in the Council Agenda for the General Meeting on Monday, August 7 noted:

Community input and subsequent plan review resulted in the following key improvements:

The scope of the plan has been better described and renamed as the Eastern Beaches Foreshore Reserves Management Plan to better reflect the area the plan addresses.

Interaction with other programs and activities in and near the Eastern Beaches Foreshore Reserves are better described.Statements about the reserves’ environmental values and climate change are better referenced.

Condition mapping, restoration targets, ecological restoration plans and on ground works are better described.

Objectives in each theme section have been better linked to management outcomes in each theme. Each action has been allocated a time frame, and a measures table included with each theme to help with monitoring progress and success.

Encroachments are now dealt with specifically under a separate Encroachments Policy and Procedure which applies to all Council-managed land across the Shire.

The themes have been reordered.

I would like to thank all who participated in the consultation process. Also thank you to the staff within Noosa Council who had many differing views to take into account when considering how best to manage and protect our Foreshore Reserves.
Now comes the important task of implementation.

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