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Petition and delegation

The Marcus Beach Bushcare Association requests that the Noosa Council adopt and implement a zero-tolerance policy regarding interference with the Marcus Beach Coastal Reserve. The MBBA collected over 260 signatures from people supporting this request.

Councillor Brian Stockwell will formally table the petition on behalf of the MBBA at the next Ordinary Meeting of Council at 5.00 pm on Thursday, October 27. In addition, a delegation of three will address the Council to support the petition. 

Jude Tulloch, Marcus Beach Bushcare Association will explain the importance of the petition. 
Barry Cotterell, the President of Peregian Beach Community Association will outline the history of incursions. 
Chris Hansen, Principal Hansen Botanical Assessments will speak about the Coastal Reserves, and how the action of residents can impact ecosystems for better or worse.

Attend the Meeting

To further support the MBBA’s request to Council, you can observe the Council meeting from the public gallery. The delegation will take no longer than fifteen minutes and will be an early item on the agenda. It is acceptable to leave once the delegates finish speaking.

Council Ordinary Meeting 
Thursday, October 27, at 5.00 pm
Council Chambers
9 Pelican Street 

Listen on the mobile

Alternatively, you can listen to the delegation on your mobile phone or computer. Meetings of the Council are live-streamed on YouTube and can be viewed on  Noosa Council TV live stream. This will help us to show Council that people feel strongly about the issue.

I will keep you up-to-date with further progress on the matter. Thank you for your support.

Kind Regards,


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