Plant of the Month – Hakea florulenta

 Hakea  florulenta (pronounced HAKE-ee-ah  flor-you-LENT-ah) is a low growing shrub 1-2m tall. It has clusters of creamy white, pleasantly perfumed flowers in spring, followed by a woody fruit to 25mm. In their natural environment, they often occur under gum trees.

This Wallum Hakea is hardy and adaptable and can grow in full sun or part shade. It prefers moist/well drained soils and attracts bees and birds.

Hakea florulenta is endemic to SE Queensland and Northern NSW. If you have an interest in maintaining the biodiversity of the plants in our region, buy one of these unassuming shrubs for your garden. This species flourished in the Peregian Springs area, and large numbers were lost when in 2016 when a new section was cleared for development.

Coolum Community Native Nursery propagates and sells Hakea florulenta as tubestock.

Information courtesy of Coolum Community Native Nursery

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