Pig Face (Carpobrotus glaucescens)


Pig Face is a hardy, sun loving, creeping succulent with stems to two metres that root at the nodes along the stem. The plant has bright deep pink daisy-like flowers blooming mainly from October to January, which is the main growing period. It will tolerate strong winds, salt spray and sand blow, making it the perfect ground cover for a seaside garden.

Carpobrotus IMG_0955

Pig Face can grow thick and spread to over several metres acting as a soil stabiliser on slopes in your garden. It looks good as a rockery plant and, being a succulent, requires little water. It is pest resistant but can be subject to a white fungus in wet humid weather. Remove affected areas. Healthy stems will soon grow back.

To propagate just take a 30cm stem with root nodes along it and place on the ground then cover the roots with soil.

IMG_6311Pface raw

In dune system Pig Face plays an important role as a pioneer species that stabilises the foredunes so that more complex plants can grow.

 This article is part of our Gardening with natives series.

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