Native Plant of the Month – Melaleuca viminalis (Formerly Callistemon viminalis)


Melaleuca viminalis (Pronounced mel-ah-LUKE-ah v im-in-AH-lis)

A large shrub or small tree that grows up to 10m, Melaleuca viminalis creates a stunning splash of colour in spring and provides nectar for insects and birds. It is the ideal small feature tree if you wish to incorporate a vertical element in your garden design. Regular pruning will create a denser shrub that can be useful as a wind break or for screening, but the graceful, weeping habit will be less obvious if pruned. 

In the its natural state, Melaleuca viminalis grows in wet eucalypt forest and along water courses where it performs an important function by stabilising creek banks.

This plant is not suitable for sea front gardens as it does not tolerate severe salt spray. For best results, plant in moist, well-drained soil in full or partial sun. Once established Melaleuca viminalis will tolerate extended dry periods.

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