Native plant of the month -Philydrum lanuginosum


Philydrum lanuginosum – FROGSMOUTH


Philydrum (fill-ee-DRUM) meaning ‘Water Lover’, lanuginosum (lan-ewe-gin-OH-sum) meaning ‘wooly’ is an attractive, erect, fleshy plant with leaves to 120cm.

The lovely yellow flowers are on tall spikes to 60cm most of the year round and in fact the name “Frogsmouth” comes from shape of the flowers.

Philydrum lanuginosum are suitable for planting around ponds, dams and on creek banks. They will tolerate periodic inundation and can be used as for stabilising soil.  Frogsmouth also looks good when planted on mass or in landscaped settings. They will live in full or filtered sun.

Frogmouths natural habitat is freshwater wetlands or creeks and they make excellent habitat for frogs and provides food and cover for some birds.


Information provided by Coolum Community Native Nursery

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