Lomandra confertifolia


If you want a smaller clumping plant similar to Lomandra hystrix or Lomandra longifolia, the locally occurring native Lomandra confertafolia is a good choice. Available at Coolum Native Nursery, it grows in shade in the dunes near Coolum, and looks very different to the confertifolia that grows in mountain areas.

This Lomandra grows to about 50 cm in height, is relatively hardy, will tolerate full sun, can withstand dry periods, and is not prone to disease or pests. As it grows you can divide the clump and establish new plants.


Larger more open Lomandra confertifolia from Coolum Nursery pictured at front; smaller denser cultivar at back


Lomandra confertifolia IMG_6071_2

Lomandra confertifolia planted with the groundcover Yellow Buttons



Lomandra confertifolia cultivar   

A smaller, much denser, matt forming plant, 30×30 cm, Lomandra confertifolia will slowly spread and can be divided to replant. It has relatively shallow weak roots so takes some time to become established and will require consistent watering when first planted. While not quite as hardy as the larger lomandras it is none-the-less an easy, pest free plant to grow. Give it a try in a rockery or as an edging plant.

Lomandra confertifolia cultivar is a good example of an Australian native plant that has been successfully bred by the nursery industry to sell in commercial nurseries. The commercially available Lomandra confertifolia goes by various names such as ‘Little Con’, and ‘Keira’.

This cultivar looks very much like the Lomandra confertifolia subsp. confertifolia that occurs naturally on rocky ledges and outcrops in the Glass House Mountains and on Mount Tinbeerwah.

Lomandra confertifolia

The cultivar Lomandra confertifolia (left) in a rockery offset by the larger Grasstree

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