Kangaroo Grass (Themada traindra)


Themada triandra

Kangaroo Grass at the bottom of some shallow steps leading to a less structured part of the garden


Gaining popularity in contemporary garden design, Kangaroo Grass is a tufted perennial grass that can grow to 1.5 m. The tussocks are 0.5 in diameter and have a soft fine look with pretty seed heads.

Kangaroo Grass is ideal for coastal areas such as Marcus Beach  because it likes acid soils with good drainage and will grow in sand as well as clay. It occurs naturally in the  area.

As a garden plant, it is low maintenance, being both pest and disease resistant. Like most grasses it will yellow and die back in the dry season. A trim in Spring encourages new green growth over summer. Plant in sun or dappled shade for best results.

The name Kangaroo Grass is somewhat misleading. In addition to being widely distributed in Australia, Themada triandra also grows in Africa and Asia. Not a kangaroo in sight!

 This article is part of our Gardening with natives series.

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