Three Noosa Environment Plans out for public consultation

Hi all,

There are three Noosa Council documents in draft form for comment which are pertinent to our Bushcare work. The Coastal Hazards Adaptation Plan is posted on the Council’s Have your Say page and is open for comment until Monday March 8.

My now you should have received from Ryan Heeney the Bushland Reserve Strategic Management Plan and the Fire Management Plan for consultation. These are key documents as they will inform how and where the Council will direct its resources across all the Council Reserves including the Bushcare sites where we work.

My initial reading of the Bushland Reserve Strategic Management Plan suggests that the criteria and methodology employed will mean to less resources being available to the coastal reserves going forward. 

It’s a complicated document but the key read is the table on pp 35-9 The Allocation Reserve Category. The coastal reserves no longer have (BOAs) Bushland Operational Assessments, which they did the previous five year plan. The BOA’s have been replaced with management plans which I assume are far less comprehensive. With the exception of Peregian Beach North, the coastal reserves have an action status of Monitor which does not appear to have a contract labour allocation.

The MBBA will be making submission raising our concerns, but any additional voices will add weight.

If you have feel that the coastal reserves are important and need to have more resources from Council to future proof against climate change, you can add your voice on the Council Website ‘Have your say’ page:

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