Revised CHAP public consultation MBBA comments

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Here is a quick, first response to the revised CHAP. Thanks for input already received and incorporated .



Revised CHAP

General comments

  • The MBBA agrees with the overall direction of the CHAP which recommends enhancing natural buffers and minimising hard structures is the best approach in dealing with climate change adverse weather effects at the current  time.
  • The MBBA notes the increased reference to state planning regulations and local monitoring and research, all of which will be important in determining and informing Council action going forward.
  • The research data and modelling contained in the the CHAP has direct implications for planning decisions made by Noosa Council going forward. In an ideal world, the CHAP would have preceded and informed the 2020 Noosa Plan. That not being the case, the CHAP data is likely to require amendments to the Planning Scheme to ensure that the Council acts with due diligence in relation to the anticipated consequences of  climate change related increased adverse weather effects and their potential damage to infrastructure and private property.
  • The overall tone of the revised CHAP is more measured with a greater emphasis on monitoring and a staged approach. While this may not necessarily be a bad thing, the MBBA would be concerned if this leads to a   delaying of important actions and decisions in relation to anticipated impacts of climate change related adverse weather events.

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