Peregian Creek Weeding this Saturday

Once more down to the creek by the beach for a spot of weeding.  If you can make it we will be along Beach Access 49 from around 8 am this Saturday, the 21st, although I may be a bit late as I come off Coast Guard duty at about 7 am, unless I can do a swap with one of my colleagues.\

We will continue to work on cleaning up the regrowth of Asparagus Fern from last year’s weeding area between the creek and the boardwalk, near the water hole.  However, if it is cloudy we may try working on the resurgent Singapore Daisy towards the creek mouth.


About Paul

Paul has worked as a forester since graduating from ANU in 1967 in many countries for the private sector, The World Bank and international aid agencies, starting with the Papua New Guinea Forestry Dept. A volunteer with Noosa and District Landcare since 2000 working on farm forestry, bushcare and waterways monitoring.

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