Marcus Group at BA 47 this Saturday 7.00 am

Welcome to the first Marcus Beach working bee this Saturday. We will meet at Beach Access 47 at 7.00 am at the Tristania Drive Carpark to beat the heat. Let’s ease back in gently and work over the section to the north of the track between the houses and the swale in the shade. A big thank you Ann for keeping the weeds at bay around your place and to all the residents in the immediate area who help us.
Good neighbours who are mindful that garden plants can become weeds in the bush and keep the area adjoining their properties weed free, encouraging the native vegetation really helps to keep our reserves in better shape.

Saturday’s job: Garden Escapee Callesia fragans at Beach Access 47

The contractors have been working at BA 48 and BA 45 removing Brazilain Pepper Tree thickets. This work is made possible by a grant from Noosa Council. Thanks to Paul Ryan for persevering in the heat at BA48 with planting and watering in this hot weather. If you would like to help him contact us at info@admin

Below is the space opened up by the removal of the peppers at BA 45. We will do a planting day at BA 45 in the next couple of months. What happened to the predicted wet summer? I had hoped for a repeat of our last pepper tree revegetation which absolutely flourished with last year’s high rainfall.

See you at BA 47 on Saturday at 7.00 am or whenever you can make it. Morning tea at 9.00

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