Maiden Hair Fern (Adiantum atrovirade)



 With its soft, lacy foliage and black glossy stems, Maiden Hair Fern makes a beautiful feature plant in a decorative pot.

Alternatively plant it in a hanging basket in the shade of a pergola, but make sure you keep it well watered and out of draughts. Being moisture loving, it does well in damp areas such as beside a pond provided there is shade.

Maiden Hair can sometimes die back, particularly if allowed to dry out, or if it receives too much sun. Generally it will recover given a good soaking. It grows to 70 cm high (but often smaller) by spreading rhizomes which means you can divide the plant.

Maiden Hair Fern provides a nice foil for larger leafed ferns. Here Maiden Hair, Binung and Birds Nest Ferns grace a shady entrance.



Planted under Native Ginger


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